Wow, what a day!

A big note of thanks to everyone who contributed to AMG/the Grove’s Bike Rodeo. With the addition of the kindergarten kids ( who demanded inclusion!) we made a memorable day for 475 kids.

Cycling can be a game changer. It connects kids to our wonderful city, exposes them to wider horizons, builds self- reliance & self- esteem and gets kids away from their computer screens to experience the world directly. Exercise and staying healthy becomes a natural part of the cyclist lifestyle. As our dependence on fossil fuels for transport create more & more problems for our planet, embracing low impact technologies like cycling becomes more and more part of the solution. It was especially gratifying that we also managed to recycle 22 bicycles within our school.

Our Bike Rodeo Day was an example of how much our school community can accomplish if we all pull together as one team. We are so grateful to our generous sponsors: Central Commerce Collegiate, Chocosol,

Curbside Cycle, The Toronto Police 14 Division, Mountain Equipment Co-op, Bateman’s Bicycle Company, Norco, Queen and Gladstone FreshCo and Councillor Ana Baillao.

Thank you everyone for helping out!

— The Bike Rodeo Organizing Committee