You Belong Here

You Really Do!
At The Grove, we aim to create curriculum to counter biases related to race, colour, culture, ethnicity, linguistic origin, disability, socioeconomic class, age, ancestry, nationality, place of origin, religion, faith, sex, gender, sexual orientation, family status, and marital status. As much as possible, we provide opportunities for all students to understand the factors that cause inequity in society, and to understand the similarities, differences, and the connections between all forms of discrimination. We help students to acquire the skills and knowledge that enable them to challenge unjust practices, and to build positive human relationships. We believe that the quality of children’s learning and their ability to realize their potential is intimately related to the health and wellness of their interconnected ecological and social environments. We see sustainability and social justice education as linked. The Grove is a community-centred school in which students, families, teachers, and community members work together to learn from each other to solve real problems.
A note on accessibility: The Grove Community School is unfortunately not an accessible school for those with mobility issues. Alternative elementary schools in Toronto have no say over where the TDSB places them, and the Grove is located on the third floor of our host school, Alexander Muir/Gladstone, with one door at ground level and all other doors with multiple steps. The school was originally built in 1888, with renovations/additions in 1925, 1954 and the most recent in 1961, and like many schools in the TDSB, the building has a long-standing and overdue list of urgent renovations.

Events and Extracurriculars

Peace Week - Fall Fair - Wild Rumpus - Wildflower Stomp - Solstice Festival - Cross Country Running - And More & More & More!
Students at The Grove have many opportunities to enjoy curriculum-related in-school activities and excursions, as well as extensions to the arts program. Students participate in both school and Board sports initiatives. Throughout the year, there are also a number of whole-school activities when families can enjoy events with students and staff.

Here is a list of some of the events at The Grove:

  • New Families Welcome at Dufferin Grove Park (in the Spring for incoming families)
  • Peace Week
  • Terry Fox Run
  • Fall Fair (collaboration between AMG and The Grove)
  • Wild Rumpus at McCormick Park (in the Fall for new families)
  • Remembrance Day Peace Circle
  • Student Led Conferences
  • Wildflower Stomp (for AMG and Grove Kinders)
  • Winter Concert / Sing-a-Long
  • Ice Skating at Dufferin Grove Park/ McCormick Arena
  • Friendship Day / Valentines Day
  • International Day for the Elimination of Racial Discrimination
  • Earth Day Celebration
  • Art Show
  • School Play
  • Solstice Festival at Dufferin Grove Park
  • “Our Dreams Matter Too” Walk
  • Portfolio Sharing
  • Graduation Celebrations


Here is a list of some extra-curricular activities and opportunities available to Grove Students:

  •  Ball hockey
  • Indoor Soccer
  • Chess Club
  • French Club
  • Eco Club
  •  Afterschool Art Club
  • Cross Country Running
  • Track and Field
  • Softball
  • Choir

Parent and Community Engagement

Work Collaboratively Toward The Common Goal
At The Grove teachers, families, and staff work collaboratively toward the common goal of educating our children in accordance with our core values and the guidelines set out by the TDSB and the Ministry. Family involvement at The Grove is vital to our success and is requested of all families; families are strongly encouraged to volunteer 2-5 hours per month. There are many ways to be involved in the school that accommodate work obligations and changing family structures.

Here is a list of some of the ways that Parents and Teachers have worked collaboratively at The Grove:

  • early reading intervention and 1:1 reading assessment
  • sharing personal experiences in the classroom (cultural celebrations, professional work, etc.)
  • volunteering in the classroom (sharpening pencils, cutting shapes, etc.)
  • working with teachers to create curriculum (peace, equity, music, assessment, etc.)
  • facilitating workshops with students (meditation, yoga, music, gender equity, etc.)
  • making materials for the classroom (levelled readers, math bags, etc.)
  • supervising on field trips and community walks
  • implementing an activity at the park (seed balls, masks, talking pieces, etc.)
  • sharing professional resources and lesson plan ideas
  • inviting guest speakers and performers to the school (white pine dancers, Lillian Allen)
  • creating documents to support our school (parent surveys, handbook, etc.)
  • documenting our journey (taking pictures, making movies, writing articles, etc.)
  • sharing skills in the classroom (drama, music, architecture, etc.)

Here are some other examples of how Families can get involved at The Grove:

  • Attend Parent Council meetings (between 6 and 9 per year)
  • Help organize or participate in a special event at the school
  • Organize or attend a workshop for Parents
  • Coaching extra-curricular activities (soccer, ball hockey)
  • Help organize or support our fundraisers (art show, silent auction, etc.)
  • Sign-up to make soup for Stone Soup (Tuesdays) or stew for Stone Stew (Fridays)


  • Help out with the Snack Program
  • Be a Class Rep
  • Serve as a member of the Parent Council Executive
  • Volunteer at the Open House
  • Join a Committee

Parents at The Grove have the opportunity to join a wide range of Committees that contribute to our school community and support our teachers:

  • Parent Engagement Committee
  • Environment Committee
  • Peace Committee
  • Fundraising Committee
  • Social Justice Committee
  • Snack Committee
  • Event Committee
  • Communications Committee
  • Arts Committee
  • Good Food Collective

Food At The Grove

Food Becomes A Way To Share With Each Other
As with any close community, food becomes a way to share with each other. However, many children at the Grove have severe and life threatening allergies. When making food for our events please remember to write down the ingredients and avoid pre-packaged or un-labelled food.
Alexander Muir-Gladstone and The Grove School are NUT FREE schools. Please ensure that no nuts or food containing nuts come into the school.

Snack Program

The Grove provides a healthy snack to students in the morning.  Our snack program prioritizes foods that are local, and organic or low spray and avoids heavily processed and individually packaged foods that lack nutritive value and create waste.  In past years we have had a very good report from the TDSB dietician that praised our menu’s nutritious whole foods and our efforts to accommodate students with food allergies. A grant has helped provide us with a Snack Coordinator, but help is always needed.

Stone Soup

A Parent run initiative, each Tuesday at lunchtime a delicious soup is offered to the students. A donation is accepted from those who can, to refund soup-makers, but Stone Soup has an EVERYONE EATS policy! Parents are encouraged to consider providing a pot of soup.

Holidays, Birthdays and Celebrations

Celebration Is A Vibrant Feature Of The Grove School
Holidays are a time to celebrate and celebration is a vibrant feature of the Grove School. This can also often be a time of opportunity to have conversations with the students about consumerism, marketing, gender stereotypes, celebrations and more. Often, individual classes will decide how holidays will be celebrated. As the school grows and evolves, so does the approach to how we celebrate days of significance.